Outlook: folder not found intermittent issue


I am getting “Get Outlook Mail Messages: The specified folder does not exist” error intermittently. It works sometime and it doesn’t sometimes. I have multiple accounts’ .

Please help.


Hi @MadhuK

Have you mentioned Account under the property of Get Outlook Mail Messages ?
If not, then try again after providing the account.

Yes. Thank you for the quick response.

Will you please share the screenshot of outlook folder and property panel of Get Outlook mail messages ?

Here you go:

And i am using asset to get the account name.

Looks everything fine.
Why don’t you try one thing ?
Try to open outlook then read the messages after outlook is completely opened and check the results, hope issue will resolve and let me know what’s happen.

All the best !

Outlook is always open.


In the Account property have user full email address of the mailbox(like test@gmail.com)?


Thanks for the reponse. No it was not fully qualified with domain. When i do that it fails too.


Can you take an new get outlook email activity and provide only the account and Mail folder property
and don’t change any other properties.