Outlook Error on Week 1 "Sign an Email with your Unicorn Name" exercise

I got the following error when I ran my automation for “Sign an Email with your Unicorn Name” exercise.

The error didn’t happen if I open outlook manually before I run the automation.

Why can’t the robot open outlook by itself in my case? Any help?


Hi @nikoniko - do you have to allow UiPath to interact with Outlook manually (security Pop-up)?

Hello @FrankSchikora, thank you for responding.
How to do that exactly?
Could you guide me?

Thank you.


I have to ask what version of Office are you using ? And regarding what Frank said there are options in Outlook that would allow it to interact with various programs. If the trust is not established between StudioX and Outlook than one may encounter issues when running StudioX process.


Hi Dragos, thank you for responding!

I am using Outlook for Office 365.

How to allow outlook to interact with other programs? Where to check that setting?


File -> Options -> Trust Center

Trust center settings and then

Hi Dragos, my outlook setting looks just like yours.