Outlook Email Processing in Specific Order


In summary I’m looking to complete the below process:

*All Unread emails in an inbox,
*Process emails in a specific order depending on contents of Subject line,
*For each email:
*Save csv attachment to a folder for further processing, location dependant on Subject,
*Open an application and upload/import the csv using a template/dropdown within the application depending on subject,
*Close Application,
*Mark email as read,
*Move csv into subfolder “Processed” or “Failed”
*Move onto the next email in sequence

I have written a process that in essence does all this, however i am struggling with the design of the process regarding processing emails in a specific order rather than just a simple for each unread etc.

We have a system that creates 4 emails with a csv attachment depending on user inputs. These need to be imported into another system in order i.e. Emails have a subject 1, 2, 3 & 4. If information in csv attachment 1 hasn’t been imported before csv 2 goes through the process it will fail to import.

I have managed to use the subject of the email to be able to iterate each email attachment through a slightly different import process, however am unable to choose the correct email to start with.

Do I need to:
1. Add a specific process at the start to help choose the correct email, or
2. Should i be going about my process in a different way i.e. saving all the files into specified folders 1, 2, 3 & 4 first, then applying the process to import through an each file in folder type process to import in the order i need.

I would prefer option 1, as the issue with option 2 is that they would like the original inbox to be able to show which emails/files have been processed through the visual read/unread status.

I’m sure there is a simple answer to the above, however i have become blind to it from looking at this for so long.

Thanks in advance

Think i have found a way to process each of the emails in the order i need using the Outlook filter functioning right at the start…