Outlook email body is empty

Robot perfectly shows email’s subject and date but when it comes to body it’s just blank.

Already tried these, doesn’t work either
→ mail.Headers(“HTMLBody”)
→ mail.Headers(“PlainText”)

I’ve spent like four hours tryna solve this and nothing on here helps

Hi @dems ,

Could you also confirm if there really is Data in the Body of the email ?

Also, Maybe try upgrading or downgrading the Dependency versions to the Latest Stable versions and check if the outcome is the same.

Yes, I have several emails with long and short texts, both are blank

Dependency version for mail activities?

@dems ,

Yes. Do also try to keep the other packages on the stable versions.

tried downgrading to the version on tutorial, didn’t help.
upgraded to the latest version and now i have a new error :slightly_smiling_face:

@dems ,

Could you provide us a Screenshot of the Dependency versions used ?


Hi @dems

It seems like you are trying to extract the email body using the “Headers” property, which will not return the email body. Instead, you should use the “Body” property to extract the email body.

Can you try this-

  1. Use the “Get Outlook Mail Messages” activity to retrieve the email message you want to extract the body from.
  2. Use a “For Each” loop to iterate over each email message.
  3. Within the loop, use the “Get IMAP Mail Message” or “Get POP3 Mail Message” activity (depending on your email server type) to get the full email message with the body.
  4. Use the “MailMessage.Body” property to extract the email body as a string.


Could you please explain number three, why do we retrieve mail message again if we already did it in in the beginning and have them in a list?

I tried mail.Body as well, you can see it on the first screenshot

no solution, thanks for nothing :blush:

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