Outlook Duplicated Emails

Not sure if it’s a bug or not, however I noticed that “Move Outlook Mail Message” might be sometimes creating a duplicated and unread email instead of moving it out of the inbox. This has somehow screwed up my operations and I have not figured out what is causing it.

I am running my process on a VM, processes are developed on Uipath Studio 2018.4.4 enterprise licensed and my orchestrator running the processes is also 2018.4.4.

The mail activity package I am using is v1.8.6.


As you are using old version of UiPath enterprise license suggest to reach technical support of UiPath

Hope this may help you


Did you ever figure this out? It may have happened on one of our bots after telling outlook to ‘send receive all folders’, and get outlook mail messages then getting duplicates, but we aren’t sure if it wasn’t just human error.

Hi G, I never did manage to figure out what’s causing it. But since this bot is on a virtual machine, I do suspect it’s a result of the intermittent network that caused this issue especially when trying to move the read email out of the mailbox causing the mail to be copied instead of moved. Else I can’t figure out what else could be causing the duplicated email when the duplicate email has exactly the same ID in the background, when you look at the outlook email property.

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