Outlook draft folder

I am working on a POC RPA projects. I completed the projects on a different laptop, but now need to migrate into customer environment. All RPA projects work great in my developer environment but breaking in customer environment. The main issue is that the click activity causes application to freeze.
I am automating outlook mail sender, but the customer does not want to send the email directly to recipients behind the scene. The customer wants to review and make occasional changes before sending to recipients. The email body has report embeded, that was captured from department website. The report data was manipulated to remove unwanted rows before embeding.
The requirement to not send the email directly to recipients, but instead, the human user wants to review before sending email forced me to use the draft folder temporarily. The bot need to populate sender’s signature then leave draft on screen.
The issue is that, the bot cannot open the draft from the draft folder for some strange reason. But this issue doesn’t happen in other laptops. I realized that the click activity is the cause of the crash. Also, I cannot select any item in the draft folder with the Ui selector. It simply freezes then eventually, I will get
“The UiElement is no longer valid” error.
Does any have an idea why I cannot use “Indicate element inside window”, “indicate on screen”, or “Edit Seletor”?