Outlook - cannot access inbox due to Turkish langauge

Hello everybody. Is this problem solved? I am asking because of I have the same problem. The error comes from an example of Get Started with RPA Development course on UiPath Academy. The steps is this:

  1. Download an excel file from Outlook.
  2. Read the excel file and write down datas on rpachallenge.com.

I installed windows 10 in Turkish Language. And I added also English Language Package. I changed my Outlook language to English. But my Outlook still is not in English complitely even I tried every way. I added all related screenshot to the zip file. Inbox is Gelen Kutusu in Turkish. I can not change ‘Gelen kutusu’ word as ‘Inbox’ on Outlook even I tried all ways. UiPath Studio throw an error that 'the specified folder does not exist when I change the ‘Inbox’ word to ‘Gelen Kutusu’ word on Uipath. I changed both Windows 10 and Outlook languages to Turkish. But I run up against with the same error.

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Get Started with RPA Development - Video demo - Build your first process part 1

Hi @Abdullah_Davut_Demirbilek

A quick search on the Forum pointed to this reply:

Also, could you try to update the Mail activity package to the latest version from the Package Manager? It could be that the issue has been fixed in the latest version:

Hello @Maciej_Kuzmicz . I added this mail activity package to my project file. Bu it didn’t solve my problem.

Best regards.
Abdullah Davut Demirbilek

Can you provide support with remote control, please?

Best regards.
Abdullah Davut Demirbilek