Outlook Calendar

I was working on a workflow where i want to take a screenshot of outlook calendar. The screen shot must have 3 weeks from the current date (Today’s date ). Any Idea how can i achieve this??
Thanks in advance


  1. Open outlook application using process.start(“outlook exe path”)
  2. Click on the calendar button using click activity
  3. Use click to click on the month calendar
  4. Use Take screenshot activity to take a screenshot of the page

I hope there is no possibility to get three weeks as we can get for this week or next week or the month

Thank you for help :slight_smile: but this might create problem when it the date is in the last week of the month. The calendar will not show 3 weeks and we require to scroll so is there any solution for this ?

You need to scroll then @Dhruv1594,

Simply sending the hot keys like page down or page up will work :slight_smile:

okay will surely try that :slight_smile: i will use a if condition to check if today’s date is greater than 20. if yes then i will send a page down hotkey. will it work ?

Yeah for sure @Dhruv1594

thank you very much

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