Outlook Body to variable to be used in another XAML

Hi Everyone,

Hope someone can provide some best practice advice.

I have an XAML that creates an variable that takes an outlook email
VariableABXC = item.Subject

I tried passing this variable into an argument to be used into anther XAML but it doesn’t work.

Is there something I should be doing?

your new xaml needs an IN argument of type string, in the main xaml when you use invoke file activity you will import the arguments and pass in the value a variable of the same type, just make sure your variable do not have the same name as the argument.

Thanks Bcorrea! so let me see if this is correct.

Do an Get Outlook Mail Message
Assign : SetVariable: EmailTitle = item.subject
then change it to an argument as OUT argument.

Then in the new XAML
I set a new argument “EmailReceived = EmailTitle”

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