Outlook automation problem

I’m new with RPA automation and i need support with a simple automation…
I need to extract the attachment of the emails received on an Outlook mailbox created specifically to receive invoices.
1st - i’ve used activity “Use desktop Outlook App”
I’ve defined as account the mailbox account created to receive the invoices and reference as Outlook;
2nd - i’ve used activity “For each Email”
I’ve defined For each - CurrentMail.
In emails from - i need to select a value but i’m not able to select anything…appears loading…
Could you please help me understand what i’m doing wrong? Thanks!

Hi @Marcia_Machado,

If authenticated with that mailbox, the loading part should display a list of folders - it might take a little while to load.

The value should then look something like this: Outlook.Folder(“Inbox”)

If it is a sub folder then it would look like this: Outlook.Folder(“Inbox\FolderA\Sub%20Folder”)

Hope that helps.

Tim :slight_smile: