Outlook automation - Group BOX

How do you select a group email address when selecting the account for “Use outlook account”. It automatically defaults to my first.lastname@company.com, but I want it to refer to one of hte many group boxes/ addresses we use?

add a For Each Email activity where you have the option to add a filter

unfortunately that wont to. to clarify, even though i add my group box to the below screenshot. When i send the test email it still sends from my personal email first.lastname@company.com

yes you are right, my previous answer is wrong, i have understood wrongly your problem.
group.box@company is a list infact? can you send an email in outlook using that as sender? and on receiver it would like it came from it or the group.box?

Yes i can send and receive from that group box and it shows sent and recieved from that address.

which studiox and mail package version are you using?
is that a shared account?

Hi @JC_BMO The most recent version of the UiPath.Mail.Activities available on the Official feed is 1.9.5. This version does not support selecting a shared mailbox in the Account field of Use Outlook Desktop App activity.

The next version of the package, to be available with StudioX 21.4, will populate Account field also with the shared mailboxes available in your Microsoft Outlook application. If you pick a shared mailbox, Forward Email, Reply Email, Send Email and Send Calendar Invite activities will have as sender the email address of the shared mailbox.

thanks, any idea when the new version will be released?

End of April or May.