Outlook Automation Fail

I’m starving with the Outlook Automation tasks and I’m getting a lot of problem even in doing things really simple.

First of all:

  1. it seems it is impossible to access to a folder different from Inbox. I have a folder (linked to one different datafile .pst) called “TEST” … when I use Get Outolook Mail Message task with “Inbox” as folder I get no errors. When I try to use “TEST” instead I receive “folder does not exist” exception.

  2. I can get email from Inbox and I can “manipulate” the properties of each email (for example I’m able to extract the Subject and to write into a file" but, for example I cannot save attachments. The collection Attachements report always Count = 0 EVENT if the mail has attachment. This means that the SaveAttachment task doesn’t save anything

  3. If I try to SAVE the email (using standard .eml format) I get the exception of Authorization that is already mentioned by someone else in this forum (with no answer to the post) … even if I’m running UIP as admin and if in the same folder I can read and write with UIP for example text file or excel files

I’ve also tryied all the example that I found in the forum … but no one is working (and my question is … why publish example not working?)

So, please … Any idea of how to address a BASIC issue as saving all the attachments of a group of email ?

thanks !

Same problem. Does anybody has idea? If I want to access Inbox I don´t have problem, but if I try to access folder that has different datafile.pst it doesn´t work. I hope somebody can help me. I have Outlook 2016

Have you got any solution?