Outlook Automation checking for mails

I have made a workflow to search for mails in a subfolder and send a response if any mails are found otherwise send ther’re no mails found in the subfolder. If any mails are present in my subfolder the workflow is working fine, but if the subfolder doesnt contain any mails it is failing to send the resposne mail. Can you guys help me out?? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Outlook.zip (13.8 KB)

Dear you can made easy this program , read all mails and then find your match subject or sender and make a note into a text file and if no message will found then send a message whenever want.
Bagish Ojha

hi ojha,
in the above file Outlook.zip is working in your system.in my system it doesn’t work,i got an error Activities are not loaded.wats the problem on that


What the problem is, can you please explain