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Eduardo Lanchas
July 15, 2016 23:23 ANSWERED
Does it work the Save Attachments function with Outlook?
If it doesn’t work, which is the best way to download the Attachments of an Outlook mail in a specific path?

Outlook Folder Email Attachment Saving

Nitin Safaya July 19, 2016 09:44
Yes, Save Attachments function works with Outlook.

note: path is a string variable containing the address.



I got error on that.


Hi @johnine,

So yo need to convert you Item variable in System.Net.Mail.MailMessage ,in the property of the for each activity.

When using For each, don’t forget to check if the receiving variable is matching le types in your list.

Hope it’s helps.



Workflow has validation error


You need to pass the type of argument as system.net.mail.mailmessage

As shown below:

Thank You


@UiRobot and @nikitha.hanumanthara thanks so much for your help :slight_smile: It worked! I’ve changed the TypeArgument to System.Net.Mail.MailMessage


Hi again guys,

How to check if theres no email or it has
On my outlook I have a folder to store all email needed for the task
Here’s my flow :

on myFlow Decision I added a two message box and my condition is
var is nothing
False: has email
True: no new email
but it always shows it has email while there is no email at all on that folder…
Here’s my log :
11:49:44.5729 Trace {"message":"clicked","timeStamp":"2017-02-28T11:49:44.5589786+08:00","level":"Verbose","windowsIdentity":"SCHENKER\\jquitaneg","processName":"eDR Bot","fileName":"Main"}




Try putting as condition:
This will check if the List<MailMessage> actually contains any elements, as it returns an initialized list already, so it’s never null.



@andrzej.kniola thanks it worked :slight_smile:



I’ve saved all the attachments of one email in an “ICollection(Ienumerable)” and after processing these attachments i’d like to clear the collection in order to work with another email that could have less or no attachments.

Could anyone tell me how to empty this collection?

Thank you in advance!






Clear collection activity should do, If you do not have it on the activity panel, try to instal Microsft.Activity.Extension package