Outlook attachement using excel range

Hi guys,

I am trying to send a meeting request with attachment.

So my first row in the excel will have the same name has the pdf file which will help to attachment in this process to take the name and search for the pdf in the folder.

I am trying this expression bu it is not work.“C:\Users\VijayakumarArumugam\Desktop\UIPATH\”+row(0).ToString+"*.pdf"
Somone can help with the expression.

BTW I have the same process in the VBA excel but its working and also its easy in the excel.


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@Vijayakumar_Arumugam welcome back, can you hover on the error and share the error screenshot

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@Vijayakumar_Arumugam Meeting attachments take list and you are passing String.
First create a list variable(initialise with new List(Of String)) then add your pdf path into list and pass that list variable to Meeting attachments

i need to send an image through uipath outlook activity along with the html body content (not as attachment) to users . but the image is not displaying .Please help!!!