Outdated training materials?!

Some of the help materials are out dated. Samples don’t match the screen in the UiPath IDE.
eg. UiPath Explorer dont have relative element instead we have indicate anchor…

There are some recent upgrades on the Studio that are still not updated in the training materials. Hope they will be upgraded very soon. But most of the content / the features still hold good in the existing training materials.
If you still have any doubts / confusions the forum is there to help you out. No worries. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @haravallabhan

We appreciate your feedback. The Academy team is sweating over bringing you all the new and shiny set of materials in line with our 2018.3 release :slight_smile:

Also, feel free to share specific points that should be improved (some screenshots would be nice). We cannot have too much feedback :slight_smile: