Out of the box logging

When installing UiPath for the first time, how long are the logs stored for bots, processes and transactions?

For Analytics and Dashboard reporting capabilities does UiPath provide anything out of the box, pertaining to the logs?

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Logs do not have a retain period when you are on the Orchestrator, but there will be things to consider about maintaining your database, please read about it here:

Is it safe to say that out of the box UiPath has a Dashboard containing info on Processes, Assets, Queues, Schedules, Bots and job transactions?

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UiPath has it own dashboard placed in orchestrator. It looks like this:

Also, you could use orchestrator API to retrieve a lot of additional info and make your custom dashboard with the data that you get.

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yes of cause

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there are 3 log levels you can find in UIPATH
1 . On Application levels - thats what @bcorrea mention
2 . Presentation Levels : Elasticsearch is optional and is used to store messages logged by the Robots. Logs can be sent to ElasticSearch and/or to a local SQL database
Kibana is used in combination with Elasticsearch and helps you create custom views based on the logs you send to Elasticsearch
3. From Orchestrator Database levels : when you have access to orchestrator database , there is a tabe name (Logs) will contain entire logs
and few referance tables are also having containing relevent data (Jobs)