Out Config file argument after an exception

Currently I have an initialization workflow with different subprocesses inside, one of them is InitAllSettings where the information from the configuration file is obtained, what I am looking to do is to be able to send the argument of the config file to the main workflow even if It runs an exception (throw) in the initialization workflow.
Is there a way to do this?

I’ll give this a shot assuming I have understood this correctly. I’m presuming that “argument of the config file” is path to the config file?

First the Config path must flow out of the initialization flow . Therefore you need to modify this flow to have an output string as an argument. Let’s say this argument name is out_ConfigArg

You must trap the failure of your flow within a try catch and then set the value of out_ConfigArg in the Catch part to the value that you need.

Obviously, in the Main flow you have to change the call to the Invoke Initialization flow to receive the out_ConfigArg value.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, it helped me to be able to apply it in my problem

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You’re welcome. I’m glad it helped!

Thanks for making this post a Solution. It will help several others looking to solve similar problems.

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