Our new look for Orchestrator is here!

Hi @Alexandra_Gurita ,

Welcome to UiPath Community!
It is so nice. Especially the context menus and options :clap::clap::clap::clap:



Welcome to the UiPath community @Alexandra_Gurita!
It’s great that UiPath modifies its products frequently and this version of Orchestrator looks very nice.

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Apurba Samanta


Good to see this improvement we can access all products instantly :smile:

Govardhan Reddy

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Once it is unveiled, I really have to take a tour :smile:
By the way, it seems to be simplified. Good one.

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Will the Classic folders go away?



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I can’t wait to see this in action!

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I liked the new orchestrator view more user friendly and simplified :grinning:

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waiting impatiently

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This looks awesome!

As a developer being able to change between tenants is going to save me so much time… goodbye having Edge open with Dev and Chrome open with UAT!

Think this will also make it a lot simpler for customers to understand and manage their own environments - no more “go to Cloud Platform for X, go to Cloud Orchestrator for Y”

And as a person who wears glasses - thankyou for Dark Theme inside the Cloud Platform… where do I send a box of chocolates for this feature? :smile:


Looks neat, can’t wait until six weeks from then when the whole UI is changed again! :sweat_smile:


This Version looks amazing. What a way to start off the new month.

Thanks y’all.

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Looks very sleek and useful. I have a question. Does it allow us to add/remove columns in the lists? For example, when looking at processes or packages, I would love to see the current version (not necessarily the latest.)

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Explored the Apollo Design System and its really cool.

Specially quick actions and Tenant header color.
And can’t stop myself from making a video on it😁

Have a look
UiPath Orchestrator Update 2021.5 || Apollo Design System || New Look



As a user, I always confused and thinking much with the different services that UiPath providing. Now with these changes, I hope I can understand easier. Thank you.

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No more dark mode… or i cant find it… So, time to use Dark Reader pluggin again.

It is most certainly there :slight_smile:


Nice, thanks, i search in right side, in “my profile” and other settings jajaja.

Hi , i would like to know where is the enviroments tab in the new orchestrator .
Did the name change or was it put in another tab .
Thank you

Hi @Yasin_Sheik

Welcome to our UiPath Forum.

The Environment is only available for classic folders. All new instances of cloud orchestrator use modern folders though, which do not have the environments.

You can have a look at the modern folders here: