Ouput DataTable how to remove the comma



i used read range activity followed by output datatable to get the range as shown above.
I then append the text over to a word document
However the output i got was

The numbering is followed by a comma then the text.

Is there anyway i can change the comma to a bracket? Or any way i can extract the text with the numbering? e.g. (1) text, 2)text, 3)text…)

Hi @Needhelp,

This is Output of Output Data Table okay… its in String format, Usually we use output data table activity just to look datatable or to check it without writing it somewhere else. okay.
So it coverts datatable to string uses CSV format.

SO to get text you can use For Each Row after the read range and use output variable of read range in for each row activity to get text from each row.
to get text you can use row(1).ToString in log message activity Or in messageBox activity. but you want use that text in further process and want to store it in a variable the use same in assign activity

like this —> Text = row(1).ToString
here Text variable is should be of type String & row(1) means from 2nd column (1 - index)

Now you can make use of Text variable in further process.

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