Other options for try catch in Studio X

some of the email ID in “To” ie the company email address if inactive email must be sent to a personal email address in “CC”.How such cases in the absence of try catch in Studio X what can be done


Currently there is no exception handling mechanism like try and catch for studiox.

instead of that work around like we can use incase of Ui automation we can use check app state and identify the element use if and else condition to handle the exceptions in the else part we can send email to the specific email id.

i am not so clear on your requirement. if possible could you pls elaborate little more to help you better. thanks.

I am facing the same issue. You could try to implement following logic, save the ID from to field to a variable, click the ‘check names’ in outlook and compare the saved ID with what appeared in to field. If it’s still the ID then delete it and put address from cc in to. Different solution is to check the ID in outlook prior creating mail. If an ID is unknown then the cc should replace ID

but you can use ‘try catch’ activity in StudioX when you filter ‘show developer’ option: