Other option to switchTo() Selenium technique?

I am compelled to utilize a RPA programming and C# contents at my present place of employment to computerize a site. Fundamentally everything worked fine until the point when I needed to deal with a site page exchange box like the one found on this post!

The exchange take care of pops while clicking a catch and it appears to have some javascript usefulness behind.


I need to state that utilizing the selenium webdriver switchTo() technique enables me to deal with the popup, get the htmlDocument and finish my undertaking. Be that as it may, I am compelled to utilize this RPA programming which can utilize its own particular program or the Internet Explorer program, thusly can’t utilize the webdriver from the Selenium library.

Is there some other method for taking care of this sort of popups? Possibly another library that gives me the Selenium usefulness? The most imperative thing is having the capacity to peruse the htmlDocument so as to approach all the webdialog components (e.g. radio catches, checkbox, searchbox and so on.)

Thank you


The equivalent of switchTo would be an Attach browser or AttachWindow in UiPath.
Have you tried to finetune your selectors in order to access your UI element?