Other enthusiast forums which contribute actively to RPA Go!?

I’m looking for generic, easy-to-use, common scenario workflows that most people can simply deploy and use. Purpose is to motivate some of my guys to start using RPA and create more by themselves.

The libraries in Go! is still very limited at the moment. Any other place that I can find ready-made workflows please?

Thank you so much!

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Hi Auto - what types of automations are you looking for? Have you checked out the Robot Pack? It’s a group of 10 fun automations that give a nice intro to RPA



I am looking more towards commercial applications. For instance, if I have 100 invoices from 100 different suppliers in different formats (all digital format), how do I scrape the SKUs / totals and tabulate them in an excel sheet?

@auto, maybe some of the activities listed here are helpful? https://activities.uipath.com/

Or this Go! component?

It’s not just about OCR though. The formats of different invoices are all over the place. How do I get it to work then? thanks!

Can you share some more details about the use case you have in mind? You’re digitizing paper documents?