Orphan job in UiPath

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is there a concept in Uipath called orphan jobs, say a process runs in a bot and is waits for an action which doesn’t happen or stuck due to some other issues , how long it will stay in the same status will it be terminated after some time. pls advice.

You mean to say Assisted RPA ?

It depends what the bot is working on if it is a infinite while, do while loop then it will not terminate. If it is waiting for a element on the screen to appear like an icon of a web page then it will terminate after specified time.

That will be depends on the design of bot.
Looks like you know your answer… for your question… :slight_smile:

Nope in unattended mode, in case of loops if there are no proper error handling it may stuck right.

ohk, so it will not terminate until we see and terminate it ?.

That’s a bad design… what you have to do… keep a loop with termination trigger with email notification inside it.
This termination trigger will not get enable until after 10 iterations…

this will alert you if robot makes 10 attempts to complete required task… fails… it will enable email notification with screenshot.


It totally depends on your goal and the way you have written loop termination condition.

This type of feature is managed through the Schedules in Orchestrator via the Stop after option and its “Action”, basically Kill or Stop

Info about it here



Thanks @rkelchuri

Thanks @Florent_Salendres, will check for this, I also have one more query, how much time a job can be in Pending state ? say in my queue one job is running for long time the other job is in pending will the pending job will expire or abandon at some time , or it will keep waiting until the predecessor job succeeds or fails


If we talk about jobs I think there is no limit about how long this will stay in pending state but i did not test it extensively.
An easy way to test it is to start one process with a message box and not close it and attempt to start a second one, which will put it on pending state.


We’ve tested it and there is no limit for a Job to stay in Pending state.

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Thanks @Florent_Salendres and @ovi for your inputs.