Organization Unit & Queues

Hi I am setting up organization units one for production and one for development (to better control the alerts) I have a situation where anything I send to the data queue ends up in the default unit. I created the same queue in both units and have the org unit id. I am trying to post items on the specific queues using the following:

The way I understand it this should add the transaction to the specific queue within that org unit however it still posts it to the default queue.

Has anyone experienced this and what can you suggest to resolve?

So I have solved this issue and will provide the details for the next person

  1. The 8 (organization unit id) should not be in quotes
  2. I was using my original api credentials which authenticated as admin but I did not include admin as a user in the specific org units, so I re-authenticated as the user that was specifically included in the org units and it works great now!