Order of elements are different at reading of PDF with ReadPDFtext

I’m reading a PDF with uipath.pdf.activities.ReadPDFtext activity.
The problem is that some values are not on the place as expected.

For example:
With Adobe Reader I see the following:
10 VISA 2312.00 312.00 2000.00

But in the case with reading the line with ReadPDFtext i get
10 VISA 312.00 2000.00 2312.00

Some values are not on the same position.

In another pdf there are also some lines where the order of the element does not match

Where is the problem?

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That happens with pdf, if you try to select manually also the same thing should be happening.

Your solution?

There is no solution for this, it is the way pdf template was desiged and when we use read pdf text the way we see in pdf will differ