Orchstrator - License UiPath - Studio - Node Locked

We are 2 developers, I bought a license “UiPath - Studio - Node Locked”.
I installed UiPath - Studio on the first machine ==> OK
I create a machine and a floating robot on orchstrator (type: development) ==> OK
I create a 2nd machine and a 2nd Tobot on orchstrator (type: development) ==> KO
with an error message “No more robot development is available Update your license! (# 1900)”

Normally the “UiPath - Studio - Node Locked” license for several machines but it is not used at the same time?

how can I install the 2nd machine.

thank you in advance

Check the following thread -

Karthik Byggari

Node Locked does not work with Orchestrator.

For Orchestrator you have these two options

  • 2*Named User
  • 1*Concurrent (similar with node locked but better in the sense that you can switch the machine at any time)


For the robot attended (Node locked) license is it possible to install it on several machines?

With the same license (robot attended - Node locked) :

  • User 1 on PC 1: runs the robot.
  • as soon as the user 1 finishes the execution then the user 2 on the PC 2: executes the robot
    it’s possible ? If yes, how configure orchestrator?