The unregistered version can’t to add ROBOTS and execute JOB in Orchestrator?


hi @sevenbin21

Check the below post

Ashwin S


hi @AshwinS2

thank you very much for your help.

i’m According to what you said,In the robot’s webform, addition button was disabled.

can you help me?


I have the same issue. I activated the “UI Path Studio” with the Trial key and I can design my workflow. But under the tab “licence” in Orchestrator, it’s still written “unregistered”. I can’t add robots. And I don’t know what Format the licence has (to add it afterwards the Installation).
Does anyone has the same issues or an idea how to solve the Problem?
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Hi @Sway, @sevenbin21,

I have the same issue. Could you please share with me how to get ADD robots button enabled and worked?

Thanks so much,