Orchestrator Workflow process

Scenario: I have multiple excel files to be downloaded from SharePoint and have to process one by one based on requirement.

Currently i am downloading all the excel files into my local and processing each file based on the filename by using Directory.GetFiles in foreach loop, if any error occurs, i will move that specific file to log folder and process the next one. Once foreach loop ends, final mail will be sent.

As this process takes more time, thought of working the same with multiple systems using orchestrator, but haven’t got any idea on how to do that.
Can anyone help me on this?

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Buddy this looks like a linear process and even though if we are splitting up into two different process like one as DISPATCHER and another as PERFORMER where dispatcher will get the files while performer will proceess them, it will again take the same time as it is purely based on the file size and no of records,
–may i know how many files are processed and how long it takes for them as a whole

Cheers @testing_mail

As of now for testing i have done with 10 files which took 45-50 mins approx for a single Bot.
I my real time scenario, i have to process the same with 400-500 excels with more item numbers.

may i know how many records are there in each file
Cheers @testing_mail

It depends. My process explained below.

  1. Have to download the excel(multiple excel files)
  2. Process each file
    1. Open Excel
    2. Click macro, will download one CSV, which will contain more number of records.
    3. Those record have to processed one by one in a web application, where i will get one unique code for those records, which have to be in-turn saved in the base template.

This processes have to be done for all those 400-500 excel files.