Orchestrator without Local Admin

Hi guys,

We have a client who are not willing to give local admin rights on the VM. We know that the robot can be started when using a system admin account but it won’t start with the user account that does not have local admin. Is there anything else that can be changed to get around this? The user account is not able to amend the robot config settings in the system tray.



The Admin shall install and configure the robot/UiPath service and connect it to the Orchestrator. After this any user can use it without changing the configuration settings

Hey Mihai,

It seems it’s not quite as simple as this. Here was what we think is the solution:

This problem could be due to the fact that the accounts used to provision a robot (developer accounts) do not have the Local User Rights Policy ‘Access this computer from the network’

This would work when using an admin username because it will be part of the local ‘Administrators’ group which has this policy.

There are 3 options to resolve this:

  1.    Add the user account(s) into a group that already has this. However, this group is probably reserved for particular staff and may be hard to request approval.
  2.   We add user account(s) into a ‘privileged’ group and give that group access to the ‘Administrators’ group on the individual VDI. The issue with this approach is that these accounts will have access to many other privileges they do not need. 
  3.   We add the user account(s) into a ‘privileged’ group and give that group the ‘Access this computer from the network’ policy on the VDI.

Our recommendation is to go with Option 3 if possible.