Orchestrator with Apollo Design System is here!

Hey all,

Just wanted to announce everyone that starting today, the new look for Orchestrator using our new Apollo Design System is now available in Community!

We hope you’ll like Orchestrator even more now and that you will get to love our new look and feel! You can find more details about what changed here: Our new look for Orchestrator is here!

If there’s anything that you don’t like or would like us to change, suggest it here and we’ll get in touch with you!

Thanks and have a fabulous Tuesday!



There still a feature that is not working properly that I thought it would be fixed in this update.

Changing visible columns in “Jobs” do not persists, If we navigate to elsewhere and go back, it is reseted.

This issue does not happen with “Processes”, “Triggers” and “Logs”.

Explored the Apollo Design System and its really cool.

Specially quick actions and Tenant header color.
And can’t stop myself from making a video on it😁

Have a look

UiPath Orchestrator Update 2021.5 || Apollo Design System || New Look