Orchestrator & windows log in


I have a scheduled job on orchestrator that I have manually test many times, and always works properly. However when it automatically run, it allways get stuck on a certain step. The robot basically have to open IE, go to a specific url, log in, get some data, put them on an excel sheet and send it by email.

The running time is specified at a time when the computer will alwas be locked (on the windows user/password screen).

It seems like the process start, opens IE, set user and pasword, and gets stuck there (it should click on the log in buttom). I have checked that even though the process is running the screen stucks on the windows log in screen. Could it be that the click activity cant work properly if the screen is not showing the clicked buttom? How can I make the robot/orchestrator to actually log in?

Tahnk you in advance!


Have you checked Simulate Click or Send Window Message in properties of that click activity. If not then do it and it will work.

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Welcome to UiPath community…! That’s a good question to start with…

Try either of this buddy, when you enter the password, with type into activity


if its a variable stored with password, just pass the input variable and click the yellow highlighted are where you can see the hotkeys to function.

Hope this would help you


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By stuck, do you mean an error occurs or it just gets stuck and never ends with an error? If there is an error, posting that here will help identify what actually is the problem.

Sometimes when running unattended, the screen will be different like resolution or popup messages. I would suggest you take a screenshot (use TakeScreenshot and Save Image activities) before it gets stuck. This will show if there is something getting in the way of clicking that button.

Simulate Click and Send Window Message works in both manual runs and unattended, so changing that won’t solve this particular issue. - assuming it works for you while watching it run.

You can also use keystrokes as part of the TypeInto to tab and enter on the button. - I’m not a big fan of this, but can be applicable sometimes.

When using element automation (like Click activity), you probably need the button in the window so it can click it. - However, this does not apply all the time and may depend on the application. When this happens, you would need to use Maximize activity or do a TypeInto End key to drop to the bottom of the page.

Taking a screenshot will tell you a lot when trying to figure out what the robot is doing.

EDIT: also, I suggest to change the Resolution settings for the robots in Orchestrator to match the settings you develop in (probably 1920width 1080height 32bit color). This will solve any screen size issues.


I want to make a correction:

Simulate Click might help because it let’s you interact with elements while the window is minimized or any size. Send Window Message probably won’t help though.

Thank you to everybody. This perfectly works. However I can’t understand why this click didn’t work and many others in the process do.

What can be the difference? all of them are equal configurated.


Lets think in a very simple way, how we humans enter the username and password to a field,

either we use tab to get to that field and type our username or
we click that field and type …thats how we human do right when we are doing manually. UiPath is designed in the same way for the user to simulate our process automatically…
Thats why we use click before typing to make sure it types.