Orchestrator Web App 404 unless URI in browser matches machine name? (IIS issues)

I’m having an issue where I can connect to the orchestrator web interface in the browser, seemingly only if the URI matches the machine name of the server where orchestrator is installed.

Let’s say the ip of my orchestrator server is (not the real ip of course). The computer name is “orchestrator”

On a separate dev machine, I added a line in my hosts file, orchestrator

If I type https://orchestrator into my browser, I get the login page for orchestrator as normal. However if I type in I get this page with a “Not Found” 404 error back from IIS

This is causing a problem because I purchased an SSL certificate for orchestrator.mydomain.com that resolves to this ip, and I’m getting the same “Not found” 404 error page when I do https://orchestrator.mydomain.com. I’ve confirmed that this properly resolves to on the dev machine (again not the real ip obviously)

What’s going on here? I’m pretty new to IIS so sorry if it’s something obvious!

Hi @quandle

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Could you check with our technical support for resolution? It seems to be a very particular scenario.