Orchestrator - Waiting for execution to start


From time to time, processes don’t start in Orchestrator.
The Job will have state Running, but Details will show “Waiting for execution to start…”.
The View log shows nothing.

On the Orchestrator web server’s Event Viewer:
“UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.Exceptions.BusinessConflictException: Error code - 1213, Message - ‘The floating robot’s session is already active on machine VMZZZ01’”

Our solution is to restart all the VMs. But after some days, we will have to do it again.
Anyone else have this problem?

Orchestrator On-prem, 2020.4.3
Modern Folder
Azure Virtual machines with unattended licenses.
Two robot users, using the same VM’s.

Hi @Ferdinand

I would suggest you to contact our technical support who will be able to directly assist you with the issue: