Orchestrator very slow

I was using orchestrator community edition for learning and its was working fine but since a few days it became very slow. It takes a lot of time to refresh the process page and also updating my processes takes a lot of time. Also it shows internal errors frequently.

Did you publish a lot of different versions? This tends to happen when too many versions are published onto the orchestrator, you need to clean the old versions of your processes.

Yes I did!. So how can I clean them? Do I need to remove entire project and add again?

I personally don’t know of any other way, it should work well though!

The last few days I’ve found the community version of Orchestrator really slow to deal with asset and credential requests. Has anyone else found this or know what might be causing this? Is it specific to me or just a lot of people using Community Orchestrator at the same time?

I have orchestrator slowness while running an automation . it takes 5 mins in orchestrator but 30 secs in studio .
The automation requies frequent interaction with Excel to complete the process .Could this be an issue ?