Orchestrator version upgrade and Flex plan co-existence

We have orchestrator version 2021.4 installed in a machine with On-premises legacy license plan. But version 2021.4 is deprecated and we are considering upgrading the orchestrator version.
We also want to switch to the latest Flex plan for licensing.
Can you please let us know if we can purchase Flex plan for upgrading the orchestrator to version 2021.10, which is the next higher platform version?.
We can see that Flex plan was introduced around 2022.2 which can be seen from https://insiderpreview.uipath.com/doc/UiPathLicensing2022.2.pdf.
As orchestrator version 2021.10 was launched before the Flex plan was introduced around 2022.2, is it possible that Flex plan can be used for orchestrator version 2021.10?
Also, let me know which is the recommended version to upgrade to, when we try to switch to the Flex plan?

Hi @Satishkumar_Lakshmanan

So flex plan can be purchased for 2021.10 as well… But why not upgrade to the latest version of UI Path any hicups on that?

because after this there will be migration from windows legacy to windows completely and it would be better to be on latest version to minimize the effect later on


This sounds good. Thanks for the response @Anil_G

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