Orchestrator Version 2020.10: Failed to install package

Hi there,

I noticed the new release of version 2020.10 recently.

However, when I publish new program and run from new version of Orchestrator, I am having error message of “Failed to install package”. All the existing programs are able to run without any issues.

May I know if anyone has the similar problem and how I shall resolve it please?


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Further to my pose above:

I tried to “rollback” to an earlier published version of the program and it is still working well.

Could anyone advise what the problem is please?


Can you check or forward the Error log pls

Hi @Maneesha_de_silva

Thank you for our reply.

After re-start my computer, I am now having different problems.

  1. I was unable to sign in interactively as described in your document. (Interactive Sign In)
    After selecting " Sign in", it opened a new browser window and I was told that it would redirect to another link. It stopped there and nothings happened.

  2. So I tried to use “Machine Key” method and I logged in successfully.

  3. Then I managed to publish a program from Studio. The program does appear in the Assistant and I can even run it.
    However, I could not find this process from the Orchestrator using “Add Process” like what I have been doing in the previous version of the Orchestrator below.

Add Process

Therefore, I am unable to check the log file from the Job tab after the completion of the program.

Thank you and look forward to you.


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Hi @GhostBuster
Interactive signing and Old signing (“Machine Key” ) will act as separate methods

The process you have published on previous, cannot be seen on your new Interactive signing method. because it’s signing with your email id as User
I think it’s better to publish through this again if you have the files
checkout this for easy guidance form our Uipath MVP @Lahiru.Fernando

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Hi @Maneesha_de_silva,

Thank you very much for your reply and the video.
Having followed the steps, I managed to linked my Assistant to the Orchestrator using URL and am now able to see the process I published in version 20.10.

However, I could not find the “Trigger” tab that used to have in Orchestrator because my processes are to be run unattended.

No Trigger

I came across a post in this forum (Unattended robots not assigning correctly via trigger (Pending Allocation)) and found that I may have to use Machine Key only if I want to use trigger.

Is my understanding above correct?


Hi @Maneesha_de_silva

Further to my post above:

I tried to create an unattended robot in “Users” tab below.

However, the status is N/A.

Is there an solution to this please?