Orchestrator Verses Config file


I have a doubt about the above case .

In the config file, I have updated the Max no. of Retries : 3 and In Orchestrator I have updated Max No.of Retries = 4.
While using RE-Framework, and executing the project which input it will consider?
Either Orchestrator or Config file

Thanks in Advance!!

Hi @Harsha_S1 ,
If you have selected Auto retry in queue and also given retry number in config then queue retry value will override the config retry value

I hope it will take the maximum value either from the input of config or Orchestrator.

Please correct me If am Wrong !!

I think this solution will be helpful

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Anyway being back to my question, It will be taken No. of Retries as 4 right?

Yes as said earlier queue retry takes precedence, in your case 4

Hi @Sam_Abraham and @Harsha_S1,

If you have mentioned a value in your Config file (3) then your case will be tried 4 times in total.

The Max retry from Orchestrator is ignored if the Max retry number is specified in the excel config file.

If the Max retry in config is set to 0 only then the queue settings gets preference.

If you had mentioned 0 in your config file and set 4 in your queue settings, your case can potentially be retried 4 times + 1 first run = 5 runs in total.

Avoid using the config (set 0 as value in config), stick to your Orchestrator Queue settings and set retry number there. Much more flexible and you can change it without needing to publish you process again.

You can read more why this is so in this post: How many time it retry in REFramework? - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

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Thanks for your valuable time in clarifying us.

Got it. Thanks @Sam_Abraham