Orchestrator user permssions

(We are using Enterprise on-prem orchestrator)
Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to stop staff users (None admin) from seeing certain triggers and not others?


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Hi @rohan_groombridge
Yes its possible but its vary according to your requirements
You can control permission by several ways

Now let’s come to trigger, when u assign trigger permissions, all the trigget will be visible to relevent users that you gave the permission.its not able to control each trigger who need to be visible,

This will react same USER WISE ,USER ROLE WISE permissions

If you need to control to view certain triggers only, you have to create separate folder and create relevent trigger inside of that folder and assign users into it or give permissions to that folder for the relevent users

Remember : triggr permission should not be available for user/ user role in order to manage it.

Thanks mate, IS there a way to do it without isolating to a folder? the reason I ask is when you isolate a bot to a folder and then a user to that folder, it doesn’t allow to restrict just the trigger view. EG: Bot A has been assigned to Folder B, Users 1, 2 & 3 are assigned to Folder B, Bot process 1 & 2 is assigned to Bot A. Heres the issue. How can I restrict Process 1 trigger and hide them from users 1 & 2 but user 3 is fine to see it.

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Its not like that , Trigger should be create on the relevant folder , the thing is that if you allocated the permission to users it will allow all triggers to view in same folder
you cannot isolating triggers view among users in the same folder
Only current way is assign it through another folder

I hope no bro…
Still there is no any fetcher to isolating each asset by users , may be it will be coming on future

Thanks mate. I didnt think there was a solution of functionalty for this.