Orchestrator upgrade from V 2016.2 to V 2018.4

Hi All,
I am using 2016.2 Orchestrator version and I have a productive environment built and operating on it. I need to do the the upgrade of Orchestrator, but I am not sure how I can keep running the current, old version and and also the new one for the testing period?
How to avoid any licensing issues?

thank you for sharing your experiences, I am sure it is a business as usual work to do. It is just my first time :slight_smile:

Hi All, one day passed and I figured out in addition the following:

setup DEV and TEST environment. LIVE keeps running undisturbed.
DEV environment gets the latest version of Orchestrator, and Studio, Robot. Start testing processes from the LIVE environment in the DEV and make necessary adjustments. (As we know we may face issues moving through major version upgrades. Some activities may fail.) Repeat it for all existing processes. When all stable, move to the LIVE the new setup.(UiPath apps and processes)

What I also learnt (because one day is long :slight_smile: ) that for development and testing purposes for a limited time licenses can be used free of charge or up to moving to production.

Can any experienced one of you confirm with your own experience?
thank you!

Hi @Tombababe7

I would strongly suggest you to contact our licensing or technical support to get support here :slight_smile:

Our docs have the act of upgrading covered, but for more intricate solutions it might require direct assistance (plus, you might get the response faster from our support for specific issues like that).

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Hi! thank you very much for replying to me.
Yes, this is what we did, we are already in contact with UiPath itself.
However to confirm, since we have a complete environment running on V 2016.2, we can not just shut it down. So we are rebuilding infra to setup, test, and where it is needed to adjust our current processes. Before we can shut down the Infra that is hosting the old version.

Long way, big questions. :smiley:

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