Orchestrator upgrade from 2019 to 2020 (identity server)

I am a bit unclear on upgrading Orchestrator (19.10 to 20.10) to the new version including Identity Server. The documentation states: Identity Server requires 2 valid certificates: “A certificate for the HTTPS protocol. A certificate used to sign the tokens generated by the Identity Server.” The current orch server already has one certificate for the https, do I just need the signing credential added?

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hi @rlatta1
No need , Its available in your same Orchestrator Host login
to access it , use following
https://[OrchestratorURL]/account/hostlogin .
Go to your Host Tenant

Additional reference

Hi Robert

Did you have to modify your certificate to add signing capabilities? I am upgrading a 2019 orchestrator and the certificate has Server Authentication and Client Authentication purposes but no signing purpose.

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