Orchestrator Upgrade Error

Hello Guys,

Recently I faced a small Issue as outlined;

Orchestrator upgrade from Version 2018.1.16 to 2018.4.3 default installation directory was local “D:\orchestrator” I upgraded the Orchestrator from command Line “uipathOrchestrator.msi ADDLOCAL=OrchestratorFeature ORCHESTRATORFOLDER=D:\orchestrator” upgrade completed without any issue. After upgrade, when I checked in IIS default directory binding, it was still showing “C:\program files\uipath\orchestrator” Due to this I am not able to see packages. we copied the C drive folder in D drive and copied the Packages folder, now I can see the packages, but the Timestamp on the packages is new which is trouble for Auditing of the packages.

Hi @Vijaykborkar

Have you tried contacting our technical support about it?

If you have upgraded, can you please guide in upgradation…

Thanks in advance