Orchestrator upgrade 2020.10.3 facing issue while running in test environment


We have upgraded the orchestrator to 2020.10.3 and studio to 2020.10.2 version in DEV region and built our task on the newer version and is working fine with all alerts and clicks.

But when we move the task to test environment which is using 2019 version of orchestrator and studio, our job worked properly in the first run but from the second run, it is failing by giving different errors at different activities such as “Time out reached”, “Cannot find the UI element”.

My question is - Does the lower version of orchestrator is creating the problem in test environment by which it is not running properly? The failures are mainly on the Java Applets in test environment.

Please Note - We are using unattended robot and running our jobs on a server.

Could anyone please assist on this ?

@ksrinu070184 or anyone who could assist.


Check the backward compatibility as below

Hope this helps you


Hi @Arabinda_Das

This sounds like a reason to contact our technical support, they will surely be able to assist: