Orchestrator Update 19.10.14 to 20.4.1 Error - Login failed for user ''

Hello All,

I’m trying to update my on premises Orchestrator version from 19.10.14 to 20.4.1. However, I keep receiving the error above:

An error has occured while installing the database. Login failed for user ''

Orchestrator Error

  • I’m using the .msi installer.
  • I’m performing a full install

Things that I’ve already tried (Example screens below):

  • Using Windows authentication User (Both with DOMAIN\USER and only USER)
  • Using Application Pool User (Gave maximum privileges no SQL Server 2014 Management Studio)
  • Creating a new User SSMS (Gave maximum privileges no SQL Server 2014 Management Studio)



It seems that the installer can’t get the user to do the Database procedures. Many other errors I found in the forum there were a pointed user at the message: An error has occured while installing the database. Login failed for user ‘ USERNAME

Hope someone can help :slight_smile:

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Hi @rdgagp
Have u tried the same DB user credential you have created 19.10.14 orchestrator db

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Hi @rdgagp - If you are doing in place upgrade, then it takes database credentials/settings from web.config file and from error message it looks like the msi is not able to read the connectionstrings from web.config file.
May be you have encrypted the web.config file. can you please check? You can refer to https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/docs/encrypting-webconfig-sections
if that is not the case then you can run the msi from cmd (as an admin) with parameter
/lvx* ugprade.log (UiPathOrchestrator.msi /lvx* ugprade.log) which will generate the installation logs and can get more idea about the issue from this logs file.

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Can you check that the database has the permission of dbo.owner? as suggested

Hope this helps


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Hi @Maneesha_de_silva,

Yes. Actually on last upgrade (2018.4.3 to 2019.10.14) the credentials were absolutely the same and also the web.config file. No change was made on the DB privileges or SQL User.

Thanks very much!

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Hi @Srini84,

It does have the owner privileges. For all the numerous tries I set the user privileges as db owner. :cold_sweat:

Thanks for your support!

HI @mahesh.kumar,

Your comment makes a lot of sense to me, it seems to be something related to it. My web.config is not encrypted. However, checking the connection string the authentication method is Integrated Security.

Even performing the update logged in with the windows user that have the privileges, it doesn’t work. So, I assume that .msi is unable to gather login information. Do you think that could be the issue? If I
make explicit the login credentials could make difference? Anyway, I will follow your instructions and come back to you with the log results in a few hours.

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

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Hello All,

After a few days struggling, UiPath Support team was able to detect the issue. For some reason, a space in the database name was the problem. Even thoguh I was able to perform all the previous updates, from 2019.10.14 to 2020.4.1 the installer was unable to connect (only at some point of the installation) to the database containing space on it’s name. To summarize the solution: Renamed the database name removing the space. Also changed Application Pool and Web.config file connection strings.

After that the update was successful. Thanks all of you for the support. :slight_smile:

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