Orchestrator Upcoming Schedules



In the current version, if you want to see the upcoming schedules, one needs to check the Schedules screen, but this doesn’t give a clear indication on which are the upcoming schedules. The idea is to have this information somewhere.

  1. What would you expect from this feature? What should it display or do?

  2. Where/How would you like to see this information?

  3. What do you wish you could do with this that you can’t do today?

  4. How would your experience be different if you had this?

  5. If this were available today would you use it?

  6. What is the most frustrating thing about schedules?

There are some posts here in the Ideas category regarding opinions and improvements on Scheduling, so i propose to have them all here.

Note: In order to avoid confusion, upcoming schedules are actually all enabled schedules.

End schedule after Queue is empty