Orchestrator under Personal Email showing Random New Users

Good morning,

The Orchestrator under my personal Gmail account ‘xyz@gmail.com’ just suddenly open with many items that has never been there, as follow:

•12 New services with random Names I’ve never seen
•Under accounts and Groups menu there are 87 new users which I never seen before, it should be only myself
-Andras Palfi
-Radu Pruna
-Alexandru Luca
-Andra Buica
and the list it goes on and on
•It state I have an Enterprise Plan good until 2030 instead of my Regular Community

It is obvious that this is either a mistake from UiPath or someone got my password and is using my Gmail account.

Can you please advise best approach where/how to contact about this issue please?



Hi, @loginerror & @Pablito

Can you look into this issue?


you can see the orchestrator logs and see who performed what action, who added who.

That email account added by you must have also received some communication on those activity, if you have not altered default notification settings.

Check out that and as the number of users are more, it’s suspicious.

If you think, someone might have your password and this is kind of a prank or serious issue. The active and previous login from Gmail can also be traced from the settings → Activity tab

following this thread as this is something really weird.


Thank GOD! all good now. It was an error from UiPath, my gmail account was mixed/included in a Service or Orchestrator that was not supposed to be so I soon as they realized the changes were reverted.

Thanks to UiPath Support Representative that called me today and had a GREAT! sessions about Orchestrator from which I learned a lot.


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