Orchestrator: Unable to invoke a workflow only while running from Orchestrator


I am able to run my work flow from UI path studio successfully but when i run the same module from Orchestrator, it is unable to call a sub module and throwing an error message that the particular module has validation error.

I have check the module and the arguments i am passing to it is not having any validation issues.

Can anyone please help on the above issue.

Nitesh Kumar.

Hi Nitesh,
Did u find any solution for the above issue?i am also facing the same issue.

Please try to check the version of activities file in robot VM passed from orchestrate and the version in your development system.

As a best practice… keep auto updates on for uipath. One more option you can try is running the code in any other local machine to check for any validation error due to .net packages.

This post might me useful to understand the issue as well: