Orchestrator Trigger starts old process instead of the updated version

Hello all,

I have set a trigger for one of our processes and it works just fine. However, once I update the process in Studio and publish it to Orchestrator the trigger still uses/starts the old version of this process. As we are constantly improving and changing the process we would like for the trigger to always use the most recent version.
Is anyone familiar with this problem? Are there any settings I have missed? Or maybe there are some workarounds, apart from adding the trigger again?

Hi @w.dekker

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After Publishing the package. Have Upgrade the process in the orchestrator?

Check out the Image for better understanding

Hi Gokul!

Thank you.
Yes, I have upgraded the process in Orchestrator.
When starting the process from Orchestrator directly there is no problem at all: the newest version of the process runs, but when it is called by the trigger it still uses an old version.

HI @w.dekker

Have you done all the things in the same Folder ?

Here we have Shared and My Workspace.

Can you do a cross check. It will not behave like this way



Hey Gokul,

I have only got acces to one folder (which is a shared folder), so everything is done in the same place.

Hello @w.dekker

As you have mentioned the process is exceuting fine in orchestrator and issue is there in the trigger.

Can you try creating a new trigger and see whether its working or not.


HI @w.dekker

Have set the machine correctly? As @Rahul_Unnikrishnan suggestion delete the old trigger and create the new one and check it.

It’s wired to see such behavior. But you check out the whole system. May be you have missed some thing

Hi @Gokul001 and @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

I created a new trigger and it works just fine, the new updated version of the proces is used. But when I update the proces again it keeps using the same version and doesn’t use the most recent one.

Hello @w.dekker

Have you selected the updated package in the process? Anyway the issue with Trigger is completely resolved now ryt.