Orchestrator training video quality


I’ve just started the Orchestrator training and am having the same issue that I had with the videos for the Level 1 training in that they are very blurry and the quality cannot be altered in the UiPath windows (because quality is automatically adjusted).

To overcome this with the Level 1 training I watched the videos in youtube (and changed the settings quality to HD) but the latest orchestrator video is not available there so I can’t do that (same problem with the new revamped level 1 training which has just been released)

Please could you upload the videos in HD format to youtube for the latest orchestrator and the advanced training. In fact a youtube channel from uipath with all the videos you have would be ideal until you guys manage to sort out a manual adjustment facility in the video windows for video quality.

Thanks for the great training materials (they would be even better if I could see them, however audibly they are awesome!)