Orchestrator suddenly started unresponsive and not connecting to the robot

Hello I need help regarding the issue we are bumping into.
We have our client’s Orchestrator that is connected to 3 robots.
It as running totally fine without an issue up until 3/8 and all the sudden following issue started to occur.

  1. Orchestrator when accessed not showing up
  2. Orchestrator showing robot unresponsive
  3. User unable to access and view the process
  4. Process failing (probably because robot is having issue connecting with Orchestrator)
  5. When using attended robot, on the process loader window shows that connection failed

We have done everything that came into our mind that might be causing the issue, such as reverting it back to physical orchestrator machine cause it was in virtual machine, deleting modern folder since we were working on modern folder at that time, but nothing helpded.

The key is that we switched using from 2020 version Orchestrator on Virtual machine to 2019 version Orchestrator that we were using until February, but still having the same issue.
Those two machines are completely different by means of environment, version, and there’s really nothing in common except we are using the same packages, assets and users.
So I really think it’s not anything to do with UiPath side but if anyone has experience or has clue what may be causing this.
Security setting? Network change?? Any clue would help!
Thank you!


Welcome to forums

Check if antivirus / VPN is blocking your connection
Check the studio robot versions and Orchestrator version

Track on EventViewer, collect the logs and check

Hope this may help you


Thank you ksrinu070184 for an advice!
I have passed on your comment to our developer as well as IT team.

I have been monitoring today as well, and when I open the Chrome Developer tool under Network while Orchestrator is causing an issue, I confirmed that there is an error call “Refused to connect to ‘’ because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “connect-src ‘self’ wss: api.mixpanel.com”.” I am not sure what it means.
Do you know what it means?

I just wanted to let you know that we found out that MS SQL Express that we have been using was causing this issue. The issue was solved by replacing it from Express to Standard, but we are in the middle of the investigation what caused Express to start get all crazy as we know it is not recommended by UiPath but lots of users do use SQL Express for Orchestrator for small projects.
Please advise if you have anything to comment!
Thank you!

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